Sun and Light sensor SI1187

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  • Compatible with unidirectional roller blind motors EYA25LE
  • Intelligent automatic control through solar radiation
  • Controls up to 2 drives simultaneously
  • Easy assembly thanks to suction cup
  • Easy handling
  • Simple and high-quality design


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23,90  incl. VAT

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Important: A unidirectional remote controller (SI1602 or SI1605) is required to establish the connection between the SI1187 sun sensor and the drive.

The SI1187 unidirectional wireless sun sensor can be used for the brightness-dependent control of interior sun protection systems. It has a suction cup and can be placed on the inside of the window panel at the desired height. If the light measurement of the sensor exceeds the set value of light intensity for more than 2 minutes, the light sensor sends a departure radio signal to the drive, the roller blind moves down. If the light intensity falls below the set value for more than 15 minutes, the sensor sends a radio signal to the drive and the blind moves up.

The light sensitivity can be adjusted directly on the sun sensor using the four light sensitivity levels:
1 = high
2 = normal
3 = low
4 = very low

The light sensor can also be switched off (0 = off). Please refer to the operating manual for more precise instructions of the brightness levels.


Our WEEE registration number is: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE59943004

  • 1x SIRO Sun and Light sensor SI1187
  • 1x battery

Download Instruction Manual: SI1187


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