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Are you trying to find suitable roller blinds? Create your electric roller blinds to your preferences!

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Electric Roller Blinds - For the highest living comfort

Forget about the annoying operation chain you associate with roller blinds. Make use of the convenient electric roller blinds that you can easily manage via remote controller, APP and voice activator like Alexa and Google Home.

Suitable for every interior sun protection.
Save up to 300€ when comparing to conventional electrical roller blinds.
Highest customer approval/satisfaction.
Intelligent & Smart automation.

Gear up on Electric Roller Blindsh

Your personal smart & electrical roller blinds in a few easy steps.

You decide how much privacy and sun protection you want with your own electric interior roller blinds. The cordless operation of the roller blinds works precisely and reliable. Thanks to the intelligent automation solutions i.e. the integration of a timeclock, individual scenarios and the interaction with our solar sensors, we offer the highest level of automation comfort. You no longer have to manage the rolling up and down of the interior blinds everyday but your electric roller blinds can move to your set times on their own!

You receive special comfort when you decide to upgrade your manually operated roller blinds into electrical ones. Whether you want to use an easily wired 24-volt engine option, or a cordless battery motor option, which are easily used via remote controller, APP and voice activator like Alexa and Google Home. Electric roller blinds are increasing in popularity. For more information about smart home roller blinds click here.

The cooperation between market leaders GARDINIA rollo and SIRO allows you to create your smart roller blinds to your personal preferences. The roller blinds engines from SIRO are not only compatible with GARDINIA products but with many more, like the IKEA roller blinds LISELOTT or VIKTORIA M TENEBRA or MINI.

How easy the process of turning your manually operated roller blinds to electrical ones is, you can see in the following video:

Tubular motor to upgrade your roller blinds

Our customers are excited!

We are super satisfied! Had accidentally ordered the wrong part when ordering. I was informed of this by email and I automatically got the right one. Someone is thinking! TOP

- RAMONA S. 12/11/2019

The roller motors are not exactly cheap, but worth the money. In any case, I will equip other windows with it. The customer service via email provides meaningful answers no later than the next working day.

- MAIK D. 09/09/2019

Ordered on Friday, delivered on Saturday and assembled on Sunday and successfully commissioned. It could hardly be faster. I'm very satisfied, as it is much used during the summer temperatures.

- HERBERT K. 23/07/2019