Adapter for 27mm, 28mm tube motor round shaft type AD1628

3,90  incl. VAT

  • Adaptation for a 27-28 mm round shaft
  • Compatible with ERBS15 LE, ESD1624, EYD1624
  • Easy to mount


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3,90  incl. VAT

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The adapter set consists of a bearing ring and a coupling adapter (also called driver) for round shafts

The adapter is mounted on the motor and provides the connection between the motor and the roller blind shaft. The raceway adapter is pushed over the entire length of the motor to the end and plugged on. The coupling adapter (driver) must be pushed onto the motor shaft, which is flattened on both sides, and secured with the circlip included in the delivery.

  • Suitable for roller blind shafts with a diameter of 27–28 mm, e.g. IKEA FRIDAN
  • Made of robust and high-quality plastic with a metal core
  • Easy to mount

1x adapter set AD1628


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