Solar Panel SL1288H

38,90  incl. VAT

  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective through the generation of energy from the sun
  • Easy adhesive mounting on the window
  • Compatible with roller motors ERBS15-LE and ERBS25-LE
  • Practical for places with no direct power supply


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38,90  incl. VAT

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SIRO® solar panel SL1288H for SIRO® battery – roller blind motor

Modernise your roller blinds additionally with the SIRO® solar module SL1288H. The panel is adapted to the SIRO roller blind motors type ERBS15LE and ERBS25LE and enables electrical & smart automated operation of your roller blinds – even without direct power supply!

Clever & Modern with our SIRO® Solar Panel SL1288H

The SIRO drive motor can also be used independently without direct power supply. In combination with the innovative SIRO® solar panel SL1288H, the electric motor for roller blinds can be cleverly supplied with the necessary energy even in places where an external power source is difficult or impossible to access. With the included micro USB connection cable, the panel can be easily connected to the SIRO roller blind drive – and nothing stands in the way of your cleverly retrofitted, electric and/or smart automated roller blind.

The panel is compact with dimensions of 400mm x 50mm x 2.5mm and therefore requires very little space. It can be easily attached to windows with double-sided adhesive tape.

Important note

The solar radiation has a great influence on the charging capacity of the panel. In addition, there are various other influencing factors such as the light transmission of the glass (glazing variants), direct or indirect light incidence (light transmission should be > 65%), etc. Therefore, we recommend mounting the solar modules in places where there is sufficient solar radiation.

1x Solar panel SL1288H


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